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Lista de Phrasal Verbs (continuação)

Have sth on / Have got sth on Vestir, usar Separável

She didn't have any lipstick on, which was unusual. / I had on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Hold sb/sth<->back Conter algo ou alguém Separável The police were unable to hold back the crowd.
Hold sth<->back Esconder algo de alguém, esconder um sentimento Separável He held his tears back at his father's funeral.
Hold on Aguardar por pouco tempo, parar algo que se está fazendo Inseparável

Hold on a minute. I'll be right back.

Hold on! This isn't the right street.

Hold onto sb/sth Segurar firmemente Inseparável Hold onto your hat because it's too windy outside.
Hold sb/sth<->up Atrasar, bloquear alguém ou algo; usar alguém ou algo como exemplo Separável

An accident is holding up traffic.

She's always holding up her children as models of good behavior.

Hold up sth Assaltar um banco, uma loja, etc. Inseparável A man in a black coat held up the bank this morning.
Hurry up (with sth) Apressar-se Inseparável Hurry up with the pen. I need it.
Join in (sth/doing sth)
Join in (with sb/sth)
Tomar parte, participar Inseparável She listens but she never joins in.
Keep on Continuar Inseparável I can't keep on doing the same thing every day.
Keep sth from sb Não falar algo para alguém Separável We kept our relation from our parents for one year.
Keep up (with sb/sth)
Keep sth<->up
Manter-se no mesmo nível; manter o padrão de algo, continuar a fazer algo Separável If you keep those results up you will get into a great college.
Leave sb/sth out Não incluir ou mencionar algo ou alguém, deixar algo ou alguém de fora Separável

Can you check the guest list for me? I don't want to leave anyone out.

She left out the 'm' in his name.

Let sb<->down Decepcionar alguém Separável He won't let you down.
Log in/on Iniciar a sessão (informática) Inseparável You need a password to log on.
Log off/out Encerrar a sessão (informática) Inseparável Don't forget to log off when you've finished using the computer.
Look after yourself/sb/sth Cuidar de si mesmo, de alguém ou de algo Inseparável

Can you look after my baby while I go to the corner store? / Don't worry about me - I can look after myself.

Look down on sb/sth Desprezar algo ou alguém Inseparável She looks down on people who haven't been to college.
Look forward to sth Estar ansioso por algo que está para acontecer Inseparável I'm looking forward to the next costume party.
Look into sth Examinar, investigar Inseparável The police looked into the disturbance.
Look out for sb/sth Ter cuidado com alguém ou algo Inseparável Look out! There's a car coming.
Look sth<->over Checar algo Separável We looked the house over once again before we decided we would rent it.
Look sth<->up Procurar algo (num dicionário, livro, etc.) Separável I looked the word up in the dictionary but I couldn't find it.
Look up to sb Admirar, respeitar alguém Inseparável My husband has always looked up to me.
Look through sth Examinar, ler algo rapidamente Inseparável She looked through her notes before the exam.
Make up /
Make yourself/sb<->up
Maquilar-se, maquilar alguém Separável She went to the bathroom to make her face up.
Make sth<->up Criar (música, história, etc.); inventar (história, desculpa); mentir algo Separável Richard was late for class so he made up an excuse.
Make up (with sb) Fazer as pazes Inseparável Why don't you make up with me?
Mess around
Mess about (BrE)
Vadiar, ficar à toa, ficar sem fazer nada Inseparável

Will you stop messing around and get on with some work? / We spent the day messing around on the river.

Mix sb/sth up Confundir algo ou alguém Inseparável I think you must be mixing up with someone else.
Move in/Move into sth Mudar-se para nova casa ou apartamento Inseparável Our neighbors moved in yesterday.
Own up (to sth) Admitir, confessar Inseparável Don't be afraid to own up yor mistakes.
Pack up / Pack sth<->up Guardar suas coisas Separável We arrived just as the musicians were packing up their instruments.
Pass away Falecer Inseparável My grandfather passed away last year.
Pass out Desmaiar Inseparável It was so hot in the church that an elderly lady passed out.
Pass sth<->up Recusar (geralmente algo muito bom) Separável I pased the job up because I don't like changes.
Pay sb back Devolver o dinheiro emprestado Separável I'll pay you back next week.


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