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Speaking more than one language may increase brainpower, study says

Speaking one or more languages may not only be good for those that cross continents and language barriers, but it may also be an effective tool to increase brain power.

A study which analyzed bilingualism all over the world, highlighted that bilinguals have better brainpower than monolinguals.

Being able to control different languages and having each one ready for use at any given moment rewires the brain of multilingual people. This effect enhances the brain in such a way that the attentional executive systems can function better.

The constant need for controlling two or more languages gives bilinguals an unexpected change in cognitive abilities by improving the ability to focus on tasks that require multitasking.

It was found in tests that bilinguals usually do better than monolinguals in multi-tasking. One task analyzed for the study was talking on the phone while driving.

However, this brain power comes with a cost the researcher adds. Bilinguals may have problems on targeting the right words in their brains, giving them more tip-of-the-tongue moments than other people.

Experts suggest the minor side effects are well worth it for individuals who are or wish to be bilingual.

Source: http://www.dailyhealthreport.org/speaking-more-than-one-language-may-increase-brainpower-study/1675/

Published by Neil Martins on Feb. 6 at 3:13 p.m.

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