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Lista de Phrasal Verbs (continuação)

Shop around Comparar a qualidade e/ou os preços Inseparável I want to shop around a little before buying my new car.
Show off Exibir-se Inseparável He is showing off because the girl he likes is here.
Show sb/sth<->off Mostrar, exibir algo ou alguém pelo qual se tem orgulho Separável She likes to show off how well she speaks French.
Show up Aparecer, chegar a algum lugar. Inseparável She finally showed up.
Show sb<->up Envergonhar alguém Separável He showed me up by snoring during the concert.
Sit down Sentar Inseparável He sat down on the bed.
Sleep over Dormir uma noite na casa de alguém Inseparável Can I sleep over at my friend's house?
Sort sth<->out Organizar, resolver um problema Separável We have sorted out our problems and everything is fine now.
Speak up Falar mais alto Inseparável Speak up! I can't hear a word you are saying!
Stand back Afastar-se, recuar Inseparável The police ordered the crowd to stand back.
Stay up Ficar acordado Inseparável I stayed up late yesterday.
Stick to sth Continuar a fazer algo Inseparável She finds it's impossible to stick to a diet.
Sum up/Sum sth<->up Resumir Separável Can I just sum up what we've agreed so far?
Switch sth<->off Desligar, apagar algo Separável Please switch the lights off as you leave.
Switch sth<->on Ligar, acender algo Separável We heard the news as soon as we switched on the car radio.
Take after sb Parecer-se ou comportar-se com algum membro mais velho da família Inseparável I take after my mother. We are both impatient.
Take sth<->apart Desmontar algo Separável He took the car brakes apart and found the problem.
Take sth<->back Devolver algo (em alguma loja), retirar algo que se disse Separável

I have to take our new TV back because it doesn't work.
OK, I take it all back.

Take off Decolar Inseparável The plane took off two hours later.
Take sth<->off Tirar algo (peça de roupa, sapato, joias, etc.) Separável Come in and take your shoes off.
Take sb<->out Levar alguém para sair Separável My grandparents took us out for dinner and a movie.
Take sth<->out Tirar algo Separável Can you take the garbage out for me?
Take sth<->over Assumir o controle de algo, tomar conta de algo Separável A Swedish firm took over the company last year.
Take sth<->up Aprender ou começar a fazer algo Separável She took up languages and now she speaks Chinese quite well.
Take up sth Ocupar algo (espaço, tempo) Inseparável Looking for a place to live has been taking up all my time recently.
Talk sb into/out Convencer alguém, persuadir Separável I didn't want to move abroad but my husband talked me into it.
Tear sth<->up Destruir algo rasgando em pedaços Separável She tored up all the letter he had sent her.
Tell sb<->off Dar bronca em alguém Separável The manager tells you off if you arrive late.
Think back (to sth) Pensar em algo que aconteceu no passado Inseparável I keep thinking back to day I met him.
Think sth<->over Refletir sobre algo, considerar algo Separável I'll have to think this job offer over before I make my final decision.
Throw sth<->away Jogar algo fora Separável We threw away our old furniture when we won the lottery.


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