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Lista de Phrasal Verbs (continuação)

Turn sb/sth<->down Rejeitar/Recusar algo ou alguém Separável Why did she turn down your invitation?
Turn sth<->down Abaixar algo (volume), diminuir (luz, calor) Separável Please turn the volume down.
Turn into Tornar-se Inseparável She wasn't a pretty child but she turned into a beautiful woman.
Turn sth<->off Apagar algo (luz), fechar algo (torneira), desligar algo (TV, motor) Separável Please turn the television off before you go to bed.
Turn sth<->on Acender (luz), abrir (torneira), ligar (TV, motor) Separável I'll turn on the heating.
Turn over /
Turn sb/sth<->over
Virar, virar-se, virar alguém ou algo Separável He turned over and went back to sleep.
Turn up Chegar, aparecer Inseparável Our dog turned up after we put posters up all over the neighbourhood.
Turn sth<->up Aumentar (volume, luz, etc.) Separável Could you turn the TV up?
Try sth<->on Experimentar algo (roupas, sapatos, etc.) Separável Try the shoes on before you by them.
Try sb/sth<->out Testar ou usar algo ou alguém Separável They are trying a new presenter out for the show.
Use sth<->up Acabar algo Separável Making soup is a good way of using up leftover vegetables.
Wait up for sb Esperar acordado por alguém Inseparável I'll wait up for you.
Wake up Ficar mais atento e interessado Inseparável Wake up and listen!
Wake up to sth Dar-se conta de algo Inseparável He hasn't yet woken up to the seriouness of the situation.
Warm up Fazer o aquecimento (esporte), esquentar (motor) Inseparável I always warm up by doing situps before I go for a run.
Warm sb/sth<->up Ficar mais entusiasmado, fazer algo ou alguém ficar mais animado Separável The party soon warmed up.
Warm sth<->up Esquentar algo (comida) Separável You have to warm the rice up.
Wear off Desaparecer, passar Inseparável The effects of the drug will soon wear off.
Wear out / wear sth<->out Desgastar Separável

They are trying to design tyres that do not wear out.
He wore out two pairs of boots during one winter.

Wear sb/yourself<->out Esgotar-se, esgotar alguém Separável The kids have worn me out.
Work out Dar certo, exercitar-se Inseparável

I work out regularly to keep fit. Things have worked out quite well for us.

Work sth<->out Calcular; resolver um problema, descobrir a resposta de algo. Separável

He worked out the answer. They will work out the problem. I couldn't work out where the music was coming from.

Write sth<->down Anotar algo Separável Work on your own and write down the answers to these questions.


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